Monday, April 26, 2010

Useless Young Expatriates Cause Company Inefficiencies

Why so many big and famous companies went burst ? It is because the young useless freshie recruits from headoffice know nothing about local situations or how to fit into the branch office. Because they are Americans and have been working in one corner of huge setup, these guys were normally sent out to fill up middle management jolbs which locals can take over. Once the young "bums" join the branch house marketing section, they are given all the fringe benefits which immediately made them more important than the locals who have been working for years but without any fringe handouts.
The useless expatriates then quickly placed themselves like "warlords"
with the locals licking their arseholes and hide behind these "bums". The locals will take them out to wine, dine and meet dealers and customers
and get reflected importance. These locals also become bit important to others who do not have such chances and the useless expatriates are like
warlords with lots and lots of locals waiting to carry their balls. Hence.
corruptions, false expenses can easily get approved. In the end, the company loses business to better competitors and bad sales and poor new models lead to bankruptcy and fatcory closed down. One good sample is KODAK.....Best Film Products but today "Dead as the DODO !" Japanese Film Company still have neon lighted building signboard but KODAK is operating in ulu district. George Eastman, the
Founder is lying on his grave looking upside down. No use !
Ayatolakobama writes to create awareness and hope other company
will learn a lesson from the fallen yellow boxes and Instamatics.